Friday, June 19, 2015

My Show Host

Because of Eu’s current fascination with shows like “Big Bang”, “Math Mansion” and a few others from the TVIQ Channel, she picked up a new trick – presenting a show.
And today, she assigned a new role for me – recording her action as she presented some science experiment which involved pouring water from one container to another, continuously – the water and her narrations.
When I had to stop taking her pictures to do the laundry,  there were loud protests and it was only after  I suggested that TV shows must run some advertisements to give the presenter a break, did she stopped her
“Mama! Can you please record my show now!”
She can be a demanding TV diva too, complaining even when I stopped for just a few seconds to check the pictures that I have taken.
“Are you taking my pictures?!”

*Originally posted in another blog on the 26th June 2009*



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