Friday, June 19, 2015

My Sabahan Girl

There are times when Qi’s antics would leave my husband and I shaking our heads or rolling our eyes. 

While I still wondered where she inherits this ability to charm and amuse, her father is adamant that it’s her Sabahan blood.
Just because she would dance whenever there is music. If there is a stage, she would usually go straight for it and perform her “beautiful dance” (as she calls it) to everyone.
Also because she can be too friendly. Her favorite ice-breaker is “You look very beautiful!” which she pass out to any ladies that caught her attention. Only one man qualifies for the “You are very handsome!” line – because it comes with a “Can I have some chips now please?”.
But I have to concede with her father when it comes to her brand of wisecracks – which I think is typical of Sabahans, so witty and yet annoying.
Qi : “Can I bring a book to the car?”
He father said no. Without missing a beat, she countered :
“Can I bring NOTHING to the car? Can I?”

*Originally posted in another blog on the 2nd June, 2009*



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