Friday, June 19, 2015

Dumpling Day

Yesterday, for the first time, we brought the kids to the beach to celebrate the Chinese rice dumpling day.
In the olden days, folks would throng their beaches on this day and throw rice dumplings to the sea in accordance to the legend of the poet Qu Yuan.
But we did not have any to waste and our Lumut beach was quiet with only a handful of Chinese people. There were perhaps more folks who were there to fish, jog and rake out some clams.
Definitely nowhere as exciting as Kuala Belait or Seria beach.
But Eu and Qi enjoyed themselves and were especially thrilled to be driven home half naked as they were soaked through and full of sand.
Today, as we were having breakfast in one of the Seria’s kopitiam, we overheard a customer asking for dumplings. The shop owner drily replied that the dumpling makers needed their rest as yesterday they  “..Cho tau pan sze” (do until half dead!).
And that marked the end of dumpling day for this year!

*Originally posted in another blog on the 29th of May 2009*

My Show Host

Because of Eu’s current fascination with shows like “Big Bang”, “Math Mansion” and a few others from the TVIQ Channel, she picked up a new trick – presenting a show.
And today, she assigned a new role for me – recording her action as she presented some science experiment which involved pouring water from one container to another, continuously – the water and her narrations.
When I had to stop taking her pictures to do the laundry,  there were loud protests and it was only after  I suggested that TV shows must run some advertisements to give the presenter a break, did she stopped her
“Mama! Can you please record my show now!”
She can be a demanding TV diva too, complaining even when I stopped for just a few seconds to check the pictures that I have taken.
“Are you taking my pictures?!”

*Originally posted in another blog on the 26th June 2009*

My Sabahan Girl

There are times when Qi’s antics would leave my husband and I shaking our heads or rolling our eyes. 

While I still wondered where she inherits this ability to charm and amuse, her father is adamant that it’s her Sabahan blood.
Just because she would dance whenever there is music. If there is a stage, she would usually go straight for it and perform her “beautiful dance” (as she calls it) to everyone.
Also because she can be too friendly. Her favorite ice-breaker is “You look very beautiful!” which she pass out to any ladies that caught her attention. Only one man qualifies for the “You are very handsome!” line – because it comes with a “Can I have some chips now please?”.
But I have to concede with her father when it comes to her brand of wisecracks – which I think is typical of Sabahans, so witty and yet annoying.
Qi : “Can I bring a book to the car?”
He father said no. Without missing a beat, she countered :
“Can I bring NOTHING to the car? Can I?”

*Originally posted in another blog on the 2nd June, 2009*

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