Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping Disaster

Unlike Baby De who'd usually fall asleep within 5-10 mins of being put in her bed, it is much longer for both Eu and Qi.

It is rare that they can go to bed without them coming out at least once to bade us good night - again and again.

I definitely wonder about those kids we see on TV - tucked in, a kiss good night and they will close their eyes and sleep - are for real. Because this never happens with Eu and Qi - except when they are extremely tired or when we went out and they were half-asleep in the car.

Worse, they would only be asleep after their dimmed room has turned upside down - and after one or both were sent out of the room for a while. Their stuffed toys would be strewn all over the floor and their sleeping bodies in all sorts of angle - with their blankets kicked off.

Drama is putting it mildly because bedtime warzone is more like it.



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