Monday, August 10, 2009

Noise Galore

My brother who was here for the weekend commented that like Eu, Baby De too did not have a problem with him.

But it was his other comment which made me wonder what kind of household we will be having in 2 years time. As in, what kind of noise level will I need to endure when Baby De is more articulate. Because even now, even without any words, she is very loud.

Actually I was hoping that it was only my imagination. But unfortunately everyone who knew Eu and Qi when they were babies were very-very sure that these two were never as loud and noisy as Baby De.

Wherever she gets this gene from, I hope by the time she is with words, at least one of her two elder sister has tone down - because having her joining forces with her two sisters in wrecking the already near non-existent peace in my household is something I quite dread.




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