Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Headbutting It Girl

It is amusing to notice that when Qi came along with me to send her big sister to school, it is her and not Eu that gets the most attention.

Teachers will fawn over her and I am used to parents on nodding-and-smiling basis with me, greet her whenever we pass by. Eu's classmates always ask whenever she did not come along and when she does, her name will be the one they call out. Sometimes a bunch of kids from another class will even come out to bade us good bye when we leave the school.

But the best example of her fame was today.

We pass by a girl whose class escapes me and she gaily greeted Qi as if she knew her well. After Qi responded to her greeting, we turned to each other and asked, "Who was that?"

I wonder if they will still think her cute next year when they know her more than 5 mins.

This girl who today, headbutts her sister just because Eu refused to move a little to the side.



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