Friday, August 7, 2009

Born To Be Wild

Once I commented to my husband that I wished that our kids are not so high-spirited.

Nonchalantly, he only said that it was our fate.

Of course, he is mostly spared of the test of patience that I get from them. If there is an award to be won, I will surely win for still being able to give them hugs and kisses despite the number of times they make me want to tear my hair out in frustration.

I now realised that the reason why I cannot linger and eat more during meal time is because this is one of their favorite times for adventures.

Being physically confined to their seats, their mind and mouth will run absolutely wild. There is never any shortage of subjects, it is impossible for them to stop talking voluntarily and reprimanding gets me nothing but increased blood pressure.

Worse, when I told them to stop thinking of anything else but their food - Eu answered for both of them, "But we are born this way!".




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