Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

When I get tired of Eu and Qi's boisterous games, I have a discovered a new way to occupy them without resorting to TV.

Dramatize any scene from a princess story!

And we did this activity a few mornings ago, after they had a super energetic and noisy game of bicycling - which I am sure was heard by the whole of our quiet neighbourhood.

One in particular was on Sleeping Beauty as she was about to touch the spindle of the spinning wheel. Eu was the evil witch disguised as the spinning woman and Qi was Sleeping Beauty.

Everything was going along as expected, with such dialogs :
Qi : "What are you doing?"
Eu : "I'm using the spinning wheel"
Qi : "Can I touch it?"
Eu : "Come closer.."
What was a little unexpected was their own twist :
Qi : "Do I have to PAY?"
Eu : "No, it's free"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping Disaster

Unlike Baby De who'd usually fall asleep within 5-10 mins of being put in her bed, it is much longer for both Eu and Qi.

It is rare that they can go to bed without them coming out at least once to bade us good night - again and again.

I definitely wonder about those kids we see on TV - tucked in, a kiss good night and they will close their eyes and sleep - are for real. Because this never happens with Eu and Qi - except when they are extremely tired or when we went out and they were half-asleep in the car.

Worse, they would only be asleep after their dimmed room has turned upside down - and after one or both were sent out of the room for a while. Their stuffed toys would be strewn all over the floor and their sleeping bodies in all sorts of angle - with their blankets kicked off.

Drama is putting it mildly because bedtime warzone is more like it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Noise Galore

My brother who was here for the weekend commented that like Eu, Baby De too did not have a problem with him.

But it was his other comment which made me wonder what kind of household we will be having in 2 years time. As in, what kind of noise level will I need to endure when Baby De is more articulate. Because even now, even without any words, she is very loud.

Actually I was hoping that it was only my imagination. But unfortunately everyone who knew Eu and Qi when they were babies were very-very sure that these two were never as loud and noisy as Baby De.

Wherever she gets this gene from, I hope by the time she is with words, at least one of her two elder sister has tone down - because having her joining forces with her two sisters in wrecking the already near non-existent peace in my household is something I quite dread.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Born To Be Wild

Once I commented to my husband that I wished that our kids are not so high-spirited.

Nonchalantly, he only said that it was our fate.

Of course, he is mostly spared of the test of patience that I get from them. If there is an award to be won, I will surely win for still being able to give them hugs and kisses despite the number of times they make me want to tear my hair out in frustration.

I now realised that the reason why I cannot linger and eat more during meal time is because this is one of their favorite times for adventures.

Being physically confined to their seats, their mind and mouth will run absolutely wild. There is never any shortage of subjects, it is impossible for them to stop talking voluntarily and reprimanding gets me nothing but increased blood pressure.

Worse, when I told them to stop thinking of anything else but their food - Eu answered for both of them, "But we are born this way!".


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Headbutting It Girl

It is amusing to notice that when Qi came along with me to send her big sister to school, it is her and not Eu that gets the most attention.

Teachers will fawn over her and I am used to parents on nodding-and-smiling basis with me, greet her whenever we pass by. Eu's classmates always ask whenever she did not come along and when she does, her name will be the one they call out. Sometimes a bunch of kids from another class will even come out to bade us good bye when we leave the school.

But the best example of her fame was today.

We pass by a girl whose class escapes me and she gaily greeted Qi as if she knew her well. After Qi responded to her greeting, we turned to each other and asked, "Who was that?"

I wonder if they will still think her cute next year when they know her more than 5 mins.

This girl who today, headbutts her sister just because Eu refused to move a little to the side.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Wedding Song

When I introduced "Man On The Moon" to Eu and Qi, I never expected that they will like very much.

But before this damage my original REM album, I knew I had to get them to like other songs. But it's not easy to go through songs after songs to see how they it - not to mention dangerous as I was driving.

So the trick to get them to get hook on a song immediately is give an interesting story to it.

And the catchy story I used for this song was that it was "Aunty J's wedding song" - Aunty J being my close friend and the thought of her being a bride (which was before their time) sure fired their imagination.

Besides, it is a lovely song and whenever I did hear this song, it did brought back memories of a beautiful wedding, great times and lovely saris that we donned.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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