Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Noisy Sisters

Friends sometimes wonder how I manage 3 kids without maid to help me with the household chores.

When Baby De first arrived, things were a bit hectic. There are times when she refused to be left alone, Eu and Qi didn't know how to play with her - and my hands were full and my legs on the go most of the time.

As Baby De grew older, things became so much easier. She adored her two big sisters and the best thing is, both of them are always ready to "watch" her. Qi would wake from her nap and straight away asked if she can go and "watch" the baby. Eu could be depended on entertaining the baby.

The only problem about letting Baby De spent so much time with Eu and Qi is that - she is becoming louder than them.

So used to spontaneous off-tune songs from Qi, or the sound of their drama or my scolding them - Baby De revel in loud noises. There is not much gurgling or babbling from this baby. She might be tiny but she shouts and calls like none of them ever did.

Judging by how Eu and Qi are right now, we are very worried.



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