Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Wild Child

When Eu and Qi role-play, their favorite being a good princess or an evil witch, they do it with a passion.

There would usually do it with a change of voice tone, face expression, body gesture and relevant props.

They are the culprits to missing chopsticks because these make the perfect "magic wands".

When I donated some of my oversize-pregnancy clothes to their dress-up collection, they had a field day dressing up. Once dressed, there were plenty of "You look pretty Princess Aurora.." followed by "Thank you., Snow White. You look gorgeous too..." spoken with soft voices and gentle manners - complete with some fluttering of eye lashes from Qi.

But of course, this demure princess role did not last long with Qi.

Soon this undersize girl, lifted her oversize dress, gave a hearty laugh and innocently announced (no offence meant): "I look FAT!".



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