Saturday, July 25, 2009

Man On The Moon

Last week, I changed all the CDs in my car player. When I told Qi that her "CD no. 1, Song no. 11" (Peterpan's "Di Atas Normal" - she has terrible taste, I know) is no longer in the player, she was not pleased.

She refused to listen to any of the new songs I put on until I told her that I will play a song about the "Man On The Moon".

That sure got hers and Eu's attention.

Although, after having been made to play and listen to it over and over and over again for more than a week now - that's 5 days a week when I sent and pick Eu to school - it is getting a little annoying.

Still, such a coincidence that last week was also the 40th anniversary that human first landed on the moon (July 2oth 1969) and what's with this week's total solar eclipse, Eu and Qi have been getting some space knowledge and have the perfect song for it - since they only got the "Man on the moon" part right.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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