Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kazuo Ishiguro : Never Let Me Go

I have been re-reading Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go" again - a book I bought 3 years ago.

This book is excruciatingly slow but because it's a strange story, I can't help but finish it.. Besides, this is an author who despised readers like me and planned his story just so, that flipping right to the last page tells me not much.

In fact, there was nothing on the first or last page that tells you that this is a story about human clones. Of "humans" who came out of nowhere, reared to provide organs to actual humans.

But this is not a sci-fi novel. There is nothing technical here. How clones came about was never described and donations processes were only mentioned vaguely.

Mostly, this is a story of emotion. How they too feel like human. That they too feel anger, frustration, joy and love. That their lives are planned - and when it's time for them to donate, that's what they have to do and if they die after giving a few organs, that's just how their lives are supposed to be.

There is reportedly a movie in the making for this. It's just so typical British to pick this kind of drama for a movie. While Keira Knightley fits the bill in terms of age, I think Rachel Weisz should have been the lead. But we will see next year.



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