Monday, July 27, 2009

Animals Fan

One of Qi's trademark question is : "Can we touch a komodo dragon?"

She is obviously very interested in animals.

She adores pet shops and would insist that we go in any that we come across. And the one tiny pet store in the Seria is probably her favorite shop in the whole town and a visit to the next door kopi tiam (usually the only reason we'd be on this block) meant a detour to this shop first.

Her current hero is "Diego" from the "Go Go Diego" cartoon show about a boy who lives in the jungle and whose job is to save animals. She idolised him so much that for the last few weeks now, she insisted that address her as Diego.

Even in the middle of me scolding her, she can butt in with a "Call me Diego" and usually call out just before she is about to sleep that we greet her with a "Good night Diego!". Of course, she loves her toy animals (and dinosaurs) and there a lot of dramas when she is in her animal game time.

Perhaps one of these days, we will adopt a real pet.



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